References concerning Maria Agnesi:

History of Agnesi Site -> This source was very helpful when researching Agnesi and her life. This source gives quotes from other sources concerning her life and what people said about her.

Mathematics Teacher 62 (1969) 480-482 -> This is a really good source that gives a very brief, but thorough, glimpse about some of the mysteries concerning her life, like "did she really become a professor or mathematics?" This source also talks about the mistranslation that lead to one of the curves that she discussed in her Calculus text becoming known as the "witch."

American Mathematical Monthly, Volume 25, Issue 5 (May, 1918), 223-225 -> This source gives, in my opinion, a very difficult development of the "Witch of Agnesi."

American Mathematical Monthly, Volume 64, Issue 5 (May, 1957), 359-361 -> This is a good source for the reason why the curve became known as the "Witch of Agnesi," and the source also gives a nice picture for the development of the curve.

"Maria Gaetana Agnesi" C. Truesdell -> This is a very lengthy and thorough source concerning Maria's life, family, and mathematics. This source also addresses contradictions that sometimes arrise when discussing Maria, like "did she teach at a universiy?" and "did she ever become a nun?" This source even discusses some letters that Agnesi sent to scholars concerning the Calculus text that she was writing.

"The Witch of Agnesi: A Lasting Contribution from the First Surviving Mathematical Work Written by a Women." The College Mathematics Journal vol. 30, no. 4, September 1999 -> This source was most helpful to me when discussing the development of the "Witch of Agnesi" in my paper. The development discussed in this course is fairly easy to follow and demonstrate to others.

Agnes Scott Site -> This is a wonderful source for one to view if the are having trouble "seeing" the development of the "witch." It allows one to acutally see how the curve is generated. -> This source gives a lengthy discussion concerning the graph of the "witch." The site also allows one to animate the curve through the use of Geometer's Sketchpad.

History of the Witch -> This website gives a very good history of the "witch." It also gives a description of the curve, formulas relating to the curve, properties of the curve, and related websites.

Curve -> This website discusses the curve, gives equations for the curve, and allows one to "interact" with the curve.