MAA CP V1 Creative Visualization Labs
Saturday, January 18, 1:00-5:40 pm
Organized by Cathy Gorini, Sarah Greenwald, and Mary Platt

Effective projects that help students develop visualization skills are important for success in many courses. There are many resources for incorporating such activities into the K-12 geometry classroom, but few are aimed at college level courses. This session invites papers describing a complete lab or series of labs using computers, technology, dynamic software and/or manipulatives aimed at increasing visualization skills. Activities designed for use in college level geometry, topology, or visualization courses are especially encouraged. Presentations detailing student reactions, educational benefits and difficulties encountered, and the effect of the lab on teaching and learning are desired.

1:00-1:15 pm Computer Activities for College Geometry   Abstract 983-V1-471
Sample Sketchpad Activities (.gsp)
William E. Fenton*, Bellarmine University
Barbara E. Reynolds, Cardinal Stritch University

1:20-1:35 pm Walking, Folding, and Computing to Visualize Geometric Concepts   Abstract 983-V1-1164
James Morrow*, Mount Holyoke College

1:40-1:55 pm Application Based Scripting and Construction for Secondary Education Majors using Geometer's Sketchpad Abstract 983-V1-444
David R Burns*, Western Connecticut State University

2:00-2:15 pm A Laboratory Component for Geometry Abstract 983-V1-535
Marsha J Davis*, Eastern Connecticut State University

2:20-2:35 pm Teaching to See Like a Mathematician Abstract 983-V1-839
Walter J. Whiteley*, York University

2:40-2:55 pm Making the Transition from Euclidean to Non-Euclidean Geometry Through Exploration Abstract 983-V1-324
Don Spickler*, Salisbury University

3:00-3:15 pm Extrinsic and Intrinsic Visualizations Abstract 983-51-1072
David W. Henderson*, Cornell University

3:20-3:35 pm Spherical Sketchpad: A dynamic java program modeling spherical geometry Abstract 983-V1-740
David Austin, Grand Valley State University
William C. Dickinson*, Grand Valley State University

3:40-3:55 pm Spherical Geometry Project for Elementary Education Students Abstract 983-V1-1234
Jeff Johannes*, State University of New York at Geneseo

4:00-4:15 pm Geometry of the Earth and Universe Labs: From the Classroom to Current Research Abstract 983-V1-817
Sarah J Greenwald*, Appalachian State University

4:20-4:35 pm Paper Models of Surfaces with Curvature   Abstract 983-V1-224
Howard Iseri*, Mansfield University

4:40-4:55 pm Using An Acrylic Saddle Surface in Teaching Geometry Abstract 983-V1-229
J. Charles Jacobson*, Elmira College

5:00-5:15 pm The PascGalois Project: Visualization Projects for Abstract Algebra Abstract 983-V1-203
Michael J. Bardzell
Kathleen M. Shannon*, Salisbury University
Cynthia J. Woodburn