Dr. Sarah's Classroom Worksheet Checklist - Major Writing Assignment for this Topic

Was the worksheet:

    **Draft Worth 50% of the Worksheet Grade**

  1. turned in at the beginning of class on the day of your presentation containing enough copies?

    Introduction and Writing

  2. one that contains an introduction that introduces the major themes by summarizing what will be done in the worksheet, including
    How are they regarded by other mathematicians?
    What kind of awards or honors have they received?
  3. one that contains appropriate sections that are labeled?
  4. one that contains reasonably lengthed paragraphs with well defined themes?
  5. one that uses correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation? In Word, red underlined text means incorrect spelling. This is worth more.
  6. one that addresses the appropriate audience who is educated but does not know the mathematics that we are using in this course? For example, think of yourself as a worker trying to explain his/her specialized work to an executive who is interested, educated, but clueless about what you do.
  7. one that flows smoothly when read out loud? Have someone else read it to you, or read it to someone else. This is worth more.
  8. one that looks professional and contain graphs within the text (not as appendices)? This is worth more.
  9. one that contains a picture of the mathematician somewhere in the worksheet (except for Fuller)?

    Influences, Support, Barriers and Diversity Issues

  10. one that addresses the influences that led them to becoming a mathematician, by answering some (or all, if possible) of the following:
    What influences led them to becoming a mathematician?
    Did they have support from family and society?
    Why did they become a mathematician?
    What kind of barriers did they face while becoming a mathematician?
  11. one that deeply explores this issue?
  12. one that addresses gender, racial or multicultural/ethnic issues in this mathematician's experiences?
    If your mathematician is a woman, be sure to also address whether they are married and have a family, and whether their husband is also a mathematician or scientist.
    If your mathematician is a white man with no apparent diversity issues, be sure to address whether they have mentored women or other traditional minorities in mathematics.
  13. one that deeply explores this issue?

    Mathematical Style

  14. one that addresses this issue by answering as many of the following as possible?
    How do they describe the process of doing mathematics and/or mathematical research?
    How do they get the flashes of insight that they need to do research?
    How do their mathematical minds work? Do they have a photographic memory? Are they really good with numbers? Are they good at visualization?
    Does the mathematician often collaborate (ie write papers with other mathematicians) or instead mostly work by themselves?
  15. one that deeply explores this issue?


  16. one that only contains correct historical facts that relate to the themes above? (Do NOT create a biography).

    Mathematical Activities for the Class

  17. one that uses professional mathematics notation such as x2 + y2 = z2.
  18. one that contains clear and (if possible) concise directions?
  19. one that contains activities that reinforce the mathematics?
  20. one that effectively engages the reader with these activities?
  21. one that encourages creative exploration? Your questions need to be different than the ones that Dr. Sarah presents. This is worth more.


  22. one that gives acknowledgment to references where it is due? and contains at least the entire list of references that Dr. Sarah provided for you?
  23. one that contains comments summarizing what was in each reference and how you used it? This is worth more.

    **Final Version of the Worksheet Worth 50% of the Worksheet Grade and Returning the Paper References**

  24. final version turned in by the due date as a computer file attached on WebCT to Dr. Sarah and the original graded worksheet and graded checklist turned in too? The final version should encorporate suggestions made by Dr. Sarah and the class. If you used word, then send it as mathematicianslastname.doc If you are not using word, the document must first be saved as rich text format (.rtf) (File/Save As and then under Format, change the format to Rich Text Format, and then save your document as mathematicianslastname.rtf). This is worth more
  25. paper references given to you and additional references that you found given back to Dr. Sarah by this time too. This is worth more