Dr. Sarah's Checklist for Math 1010 Writing Projects
Based on a checklist by Annalisa Crannell at Franklin & Marshall

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  • Use this checklist as a guide while writing as this list will be used to grade your assignment, and will be returned to you with comments.



    1. clearly (re)state the problem(s) to be solved?

    2. show evidence of correct understanding of the problem(s)?

    3. contain correct mathematics?
    4. produce a correct solution?

    5. give a precise and well-organized explanation of how the solution was found?
    6. discuss the mathematics in your own words?

    7. define all variables, terminology, and notation used?

    8. clearly explain each formula that was used, explain where it can be found, state the assumptions needed, and explain why it is appropriate to use in this case?

    9. clearly summarize and explain diagrams, tables, graphs, or other visual representations of the math? Whenever possible, summarize data in a graph, chart or picture. Incorporate the graphic into the main report right after the first time you mention it. Don't include graphs or charts that aren't referenced or explained in the text.

    10. state the answer(s) in a few complete sentences which stand on their own?

    11. give evidence of deep mathematical understanding of the problem(s) and solution(s)?
    12. give clear and (if possible) concise explanations?

    13. solve all of the questions that were originally asked?


    14. contain an introduction that introduces the major themes by summarizing what will be done in the paper, and a conclusion?

    15. contain reasonably lengthed paragraphs with well defined themes? (Break reports more than two pages long into sections, and begin each section by telling the reader what you will be presenting.)

    16. use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation? In Word, red underlined text means incorrect spelling.
    17. address the appropriate audience who is educated but does not know the mathematics that we are using in this course? For example, think of yourself as a worker trying to explain his/her specialized work to an executive who is interested, educated, but clueless about what you do.

    18. flow smoothly when read out loud? Have someone else read it to you, or read it to someone else. This is worth more.
    19. look professional (including professional looking equations and graphs) and contain graphs within the text (not as appendices nor taped in)? This is worth more. Equation editor can be used, and a scanner can be used (Dr. Sarah is happy to help in office hours, as usual).
    20. give acknowledgment to references where it is due?