CSEMS Fall 2007 Seminar -Class Activities
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Friday Nov 30 - Dr. Wenjun Ying, Duke University
Title: Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Modeling Cardiac Dynamics
Part I: how did I build up my code infrastructure?

Friday Nov 23 - Thanksgiving Break
Have a great break

Friday Nov 16 - Dr. Dee Parks, Department of Computer Science, ASU
Title: History of Computing, documentaries ...
Pizza and movie following Dr. Parks introduction and discussions
Invited Guests - ACM

Friday Nov 9 - Marc T. Calello, CS Alumnus
President and Founder, Caselite Software, Inc.

Department of Computer Science Inustry Advisory Board Member
Title: Working in the industry and project-oriented careers

Friday Nov 2 - Aaron Bachenheimer
Assistant Dir. of Organizational Leadership Education
Organizational Leadership Education

Friday Oct 26 - Dr. Diola Bagayoko, External Scholar Presentation
D. Bagayoko, Ph.D. (Bagayoko@aol.com)
Southern University System Distinguished Professor of Physics
Adjunct Professor of Science and Mathematics Education
Director, the Timbuktu Academy and LS-LAMP
Southern University and A&M College
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Title: Systemic Mentoring for Educational Competitiveness: The Model of the Timbuktu Academy
Presentation in PDF Format.
To access all the files from Dr. bagayoko Click Here

Friday Oct 19 - Dr. Rick Klima, Department of Mathematical Sciences, ASU
Title: "Explaining the Impossible: Kenneth Arrow's Nobel Prize Winning Theorem on Elections"

Friday Oct 12 - Fall Break
Have a good break.

Friday Oct 5 - Dr. Nathan Mowa, Department of Biology, ASU
Title: The wonders of parturition: The role of blood vessels

Friday Sep 28 - Dr. Joseph A. Cazier
Title: TBA

Friday Sep 21 -
Activity logs are combined. Data analyses, setting a goal.
Request for Projects and Set the Date to report on Projects
Graduate Mentors --> TEAM Activity Log file
Dr. T's File --> All Team Log file
All Data Summarized --> Summary of All Data

Friday Sep 14 - Sharing Internship Experiences
Josh Kelley and Clark
STUDENT --> Student Activity Log file

Friday Sep 7 - Sharing Internship Experiences
Two Presentations - TBA

Friday Aug 31 - Sharing Internship Experiences
Chris Ollenburg - Lowe's Summer Undergraduate Internship
Andrew Brownfield - Lowe's Summer Graduate Internship

Friday Aug 24 - Welcome Back
Syllabus, Team building, introduction of scholars, forms,...