Appalachian's People of the Planet Soccer Tournament
Organizing Committee 2015

Tournament Coordinators and Committee Chairs: Rahman Tashakkori (tashakkorir AT (Department of Computer Science - ASU) and Woody McKay , Coach Watauga High School

Committee Memebrs:
Alfredo Alvarez & Todd Wood , Boone Community Liaisons
Zach Andrews, Marco Fonseca Rodriguez, and Aneisy Cardo, ASU Liaisons
Sherry Nikbakht Department of Mathematical Sciences - Appalachian State University
Dr. Brett Taubman , ASU Department of Chemistry,
Katherine Knight & Sam Taubman , Watuaga High School Liaisons
Kiki Wallace Director of Coaching, High Country Soccer Association

The committee has benefited from the assistance of many people who have made this event possible.  We would like to thank each and every one of them for their assistance and support.