Women in Mathematics Class Highlights

Wed 8/18 Entrance survey, fill out an index card, intro to course via web pages, and searching for women in mathematics on the webReading on History of Women's Education - Failing at Fairness, Through the Back Door: The History of Women's Education p. 15-41.

Points 1-5 - I modeled the process that the students themselves would soon be going through to write papers

Point 1 Fri 8/20 Discussion of Wed's reading hw, trip to library reserve. Reading on Hypatia Grinstein's Women of Mathematics, a bibliographic sourcebook, Hypatia, p. 74-79. Osen's Women in Math on Hypatia (contains errors!) 

Point 2 Mon 8/23 Discussion of Fri's readings. Intro to Hypatia - an overview of her life and work

Point 3 Wed 8/25 In groups, search for Hypatia on the web, search for info on choice of mathematician for Paper 1 on the web. DUEChoice of mathematician for Paper 1.

Point 4 Fri 8/27 Discuss what the groups found on Wed, and whether the info is reliable. (Some web pages had quotes from Hypatia, and referenced Osen, which is a problem).

Point 5 Hypatia's possible mathematics in depth:
Fri 8/27 continues Hypatia and her work on Ptolemy's Almagest.
Mon 8/30 Hypatia and her work on Diophantus HW on Hypatia's Math Work on presentations from Diophantus Arithmetica for Wed.
Wed 9/1 Go over class highlights page, learn to search on MathSciNet for mathematician for paper 1, present problems from Monday. Hypatia and her work on Apollonius's Conics, Reading on Hypatia's Math Read p. 190 Book II: Proposition 29 from Apollonius' Conics.
Fri 9/3 Proof of Book II, Proposition 29 from Apollonius' Conics. Proof of the Dimension of the Circle and Wilbur Knorr's case that Hypatia worked on this.