Links and Pictures

Today we will learn about how I created Dr. Sarah's Test page from Microsoft Word 98.

Notice that this page has 2 pictures and 2 web links which work.

  • Connect to my computer from Appleshare under the chooser, as we did 2 weeks ago.
  • In the Math 4010 folder, I have created a folder for each of you to drop things into. This will ensure that no one overwrites anyone else's file.
  • Open up Dr. Sarah's folder. You will find my microsoft word document, testing.doc, and the html files that word created when it saved the document in html format - testing.html, Image2.gif and Image3.gif. Notice that it creates a file for each image in my paper.
  • Start a Microsoft Word 98 Document (or use your paper, and save it as a different name).
  • Insert a picture into your document from the Math 4010 folder by using the command "Insert / Picture / From File". You may insert hypatia.gif, edgrimley.jpg, or brown.gif.
  • Save your microsoft word file as an html file - be sure to add the extension .html to the name, and be sure to save it to YOUR folder.
  • Look in your folder - you should see 2 files - the html file and the image file.
  • Search on the web using Netscape for an image that you would like to test out. Copy the web page address and insert it into your word document. Word will underline this address for you (ie it knows that it is a web link).
  • Using your mouse, click on the image in Netscape and hold the mouse button down until you see a bunch of options - release on "Save this image as". Save the image to the public folder/save files here folder which is located off of the desktop.
  • Insert this picture into your word document.
  • Save your file (with a new name) as html with .html extension into YOUR folder on
  • Suggestions for Web Project

  • Start accumulating a list of interesting web page addresses and your comments about them (ie is info correct, what is special about this web page,...)
  • Start accumulating web page addresses of people related to the woman mathematician (ie advisors, collaborators, students...) and keep track of the relationships. You may wish to search the genealogy web page from "Searching for Women Mathematicians" off of the class highlights page.
  • Start a list of all of the mathematical works - you may copy text and paste into word instead of typing it all out.
  • Think about how you want to your web project formated. Most likely, you will want a main page consisting of a picture, the name of the mathematician, and a brief info section ( i.e. Hypatia, who lived from 370?-415 is the first woman mathematician of whom we have any biographical knowledge and knowledge of her work handed down to us) followed by a list of links to other pages.
    Some suggested links
    Summary of Her Life and Work
    An Aspect of her math (ie name the area)
    Important influences and advisors in her life
    Web pages
    References containing info (and your critique of these references)

    I encourage you to be creative! I am happy to help you with your web project.