Dr. Sarah's Exit Survey

Your comments may be used to help decide about the future of this course.

In the syllabus, the following were listed as course goals - any comments or suggestions?

  • Learn about the lives and mathematics of women mathematicians
  • Research equity issues, women mathematicians and their mathematics in various sources including books, the web, MathSciNet, the library, and reference lists.
  • Summarize and critically evaluate sources and materials in class discussions.
  • Develop the ability to summarize a woman mathematician's life and work, given many sources of material.
  • Develop the ability to focus on a reasonable mathematical aspect to carefully research, write up and speak on.
  • Develop communication skills by communicating life and work summaries, and mathematics research to a general audience in writing, in class presentations, and (for the final project) in a web page format.

    Name 10 women mathematicians and name the mathematics they work/worked on?

    There have been suggestions that this course should be offered at the 3000 level instead of the 4000 level - any comments or suggestions? For example, would you have taken this at a 3000 level? What aspects of this course make it a 4000 level course that would have to be changed if it were run on a 3000 level?

    Would you recommend this course (possibly to be offered spring 2001) to others? Why? What kind of majors or students do you think this course would be beneficial for? Why?

    Any other comments or suggestions for a future version of this course?