Websites on Sophie Germain

This website has a short biography on the life of Sophie Germain as well as links to biographies of other mathematicians.

This site explains what a Sophie Germain prime is and even lists a few of them. There are also links to other pages related to these primes.

This site will take you to various biographies on Sophie Germain.

This is also a short biography on Sophie Germain.

This website lists Germain as one of the top ten women in mathematical history.

Germain is listed along with the dates of her life in this site along with other famous mathematicians.

This site by the Nobel Prize commission is a list of notable women mathematicians. Germain is listed among them and when the page is finished, there will be a link to information on her.

At this site you can make reservations to stay at the Sophie Germain hotel in France.

This website by NOVA has a biography on Sophie Germain and even talks a little about her work in mathematics.