Dr. Megan M. Kerr

I have chosen to research and write about Dr. Megan Kerr for several reasons. I started with Emmy Noether, she is one of the most widely known Mathematicians in history, she is known for her work in Ring Theory. I enjoyed learning about her, because she helped pave the way for women to be accepted in the math program. My next research subject was Cathleen Morawetz and she also accomplished many firsts in Mathematics, and she raised four children. I chose Dr. Kerr because she is one of the few professional women mathematicians that I have met aside from my professors and teachers. I met her in October of 1999 and was very enthralled by her experiences in mathematics and how she handled a career in an area that is not widely accepted for women. I also related to Dr. Kerr more than the first two because she is closer to my age and generation. She is only a few years older than me, and has accomplished so much. She has not only received her Ph.D. in 1995 from the University of Pennsylvania, but she has been asked to speak at numerous events and seminars including the Olga Tolusky Celebration. Her life up to this point is encouraging to other young women who are considering a career in Mathematics. I hope others will follow her and her collegues examples and increase the small numbers of women in math.

Dr. Kerr's Ph.D. advisor was Dr. Wolfgang Ziller of the University of Pennsylvania. She currently has no Ph. D. students that she is advising. A link to her web page and Dr. Ziller's is on this page.

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