Dr. Sarah's Presentation Checklist

You are responsible for the material from other people's presentations for WebCT quizzes.

Is the presentation:


  1. one that flows smoothly?
  2. one that includes enough eye contact with the audience?
  3. professional?
  4. one that lasts between 15 and 30 minutes total?
  5. one that spends at least 10 minutes on the mathematics?

    Brief Life and Work Summary

  6. a clear summary of the mathematician's life and work?

    What Kind of Mathematician is My Mathematician?

  7. one that answers this question by using some of the guidelines in the paper checklist?

    What are the Issues Related to Gender or Multiculturalism in this Mathematicians Experiences?

  8. one that specifically addresses and answers this question?


  9. one that contains an introduction that summarizes the mathematics to be discussed?
  10. one that discusses how the mathematics relates to the mathematician?
  11. one that clearly states the mathematics?
  12. presented slowly and clearly enough so that Dr. Sarah can follow?
  13. presented slowly enough so that others who haven't seen it before can follow?
  14. one which defines all variables, terminology, and notation used?
  15. one with enough writing on the board, computer, and/or handout?
  16. one that flows smoothly?
  17. one where everything that is written/typed is also orally communicated?
  18. one that includes eye contact?
  19. one which gives simple examples?
  20. one that contains correct mathematics?
  21. one that discusses the importance of the work in the context of mathematics, the real world, and applications?
  22. one that gives evidence that you understand the mathematics that you are discussing?
  23. one which discusses the mathematics in the speaker's own words?
  24. one that explores the mathematics deeply enough?
  25. one that explains any graphs mentioned?
  26. one that explains and illustrates any equations or statements mentioned with examples?