Pictures and Dr. Sarah's Computer

Today we will learn about how I created Dr. Sarah's Test page from Microsoft Word, and you will create your own test page. Notice that this page has 2 pictures and 2 web links which work.
  • From the apple (top left of the screen), go to the chooser.
  • Click on the AppleShare icon
  • Connect to my computer by cliking on it (on the right side) and then hitting OK.
  • Type in the NAME and PASSWORD that I tell you in class, and write them on this sheet for future reference.
  • Open the SHARED FOLDER which will then appear on the Desktop
  • Open the 4010 Folder
  • In the 4010 folder, I have created a folder for each of you to drop things into. This will ensure that no one overwrites anyone else's file.
  • Start a Microsoft Word Document
  • Search on the web using for an image that you would like to test out. Copy the web page address and insert it into your word document. When you hit return, Word will underline this address for you (ie it knows that it is a web link).
  • Using your mouse, click on the image and hold the mouse button down until you see a bunch of options - release on "Save this image as" or "Download this image to disk". Save the image to the public folder/save files here folder which is located off of the desktop.
  • In Microsoft Work, under Insert, relase on the command "Picture / From File". (where / means move your mouse over to the right). To make the picture smaler, click in the middle of the picture so that and outline comes up. Double click on the lower right box and drag up and to the left.
  • Save your file as yourfirstnamelastinitial.doc with .doc extension into YOUR folder on
  • Then click on your folder to make sure that it is there.

    For your drafts, give me 2 paper copies (one to keep and one to return to you). Recall that I am happy to print things out and/or photocopy things for you. You may also wish to keep a computer copy in your folders on my computer since this is (hopefully) a stable place to keep files.
    For your final versions, give me 2 paper copies, and submit a final computer version into your folder on my computer. Recall that I will convert the files to a web page format and then place them on the web. There are other options for submitting computer files - you can give me a disk (be sure that you have a copy for yourself somewhere, since my computer has been known to eat disks once in a while), or come to office hours where I can submit it for you.

    Paper Guidelines
    Remember to follow the writing checklist for your paper. Recall some of the checklist points:
    28.contain a diverse collection of references from different sources?
    29.contain a list of useful web address references?
    30.contain comments of how you used each reference / what it was useful for?
    31.attempt to explain any contradictions that arose in the references?
    32.contain a list of published papers listed on MathSciNet from lab?
    33.contain a printout of the first page of every web reference?
    Work on these now, by using the Searching for Mathematicians web page. See especially
    Searching for Advisor and Students -Math Genealogy Project (which will be useful for the checklist point on the kind of mathematician they are)
    Searching for Articles -MathSciNet(from school only) (in order to satisfy checklist point 32).
    One of the dangers of printing from the web is that sometimes many blank pages print out. Since I would like us to be friendly to the environment, before printing web pages out, in Internet Explorer, under File, release on print preview. You can make the text smaller and look to see which pages you want printed. You can then mark these page numbers down, and after you hit Print, under Pages, click on From: and enter the page number that you want to start at, and the page number to end at. Test this method out on MathSciNet.