Here is a list of all the references that were used to obtain the infromation included
in this web site. I was unable to find any information about Stubblefield
in any book, so these are mostly web references.

     Burton, David M. Elementary Number Theory, Second Edition. Wm.C. Brown
Publishers. Dubuque, Iowa (1989), 55-56,250-254. (Burton) Very useful for
history of perfect numbers, definitions and proofs.

     Famous Quotes By Black Americans.
(quotes) We used this to get a good quote that would apply to our writer.

     Interview with Bob Richardson, professor at Appalachian State University.
(interview) This was very useful in getting information about Beauregard when
he worked here at Appalachian State University.

     Lower bounds for odd perfect numbers (beyond the googol), Black
Mathematicians and Their Works, Dorrance & Co. Ardmore, Pa.
(1980), 211-222. (lower) Was useful for getting ideas that Stubblefield studied.

     Mathematics of the African Diaspora: Beaurguard Stubblefield. (mad)
Very useful for publications and places of employment.

     Natural Numbers and Whole Numbers.
(natural) Used for the definition of natural numbers.

     String theory and quantum cosmology. (string) Used to
determine what perfect numbers are used for today.

     Transcript of an Interview with Stubblefield. Conducted by Dr. Albert Lewis.
Educational Advancement Foundation. Austin, Texas(1999), 1-26. (transcript)
Was very useful in learning about the life of Beauregard Stubblefield.