In the spring of 2001, at Appalachian State University, I was enrolled in a class called Women and Minorities in Mathematics. My instructor was Dr. Sarah Greenwald. In this class, we researched the lives of many women and minority mathematicians. We studied their contributions to the world of mathematics, as well as what their life was like in this world. Many multicultural and gender issues were also looked at. We learned that even today women and minorities must deal with the fact that they are under represented in the field of mathematics, along with the forever present gender and equity issues that still exist.

Beauregard Stubblefield was interested in mathematics since he was a little boy. However, achieving or even pursuing a career in mathematics was not going to be easy for him. He would have to overcome the racial barriers of his time, and even fight for his right to attend a university. On top of all this, Stubblefield would have to work very hard, in order to pay for his own education. In the end, Stubblefield would become a successful man, and would have given many contributions to the world of mathematics.