Kind of Mathematician


     Stubblefield is not as famous as some of the other mathematicians that we have
studied this semester, but he has done his share of research, and made his share of
contributions to the world of mathematics. When he was a child, Stubblefieldhad the
support and encouragement from his father, to pursue a career in mathematics.
Every week, Stubblefield's father would have him calculate the grocery bill, claiming
each time that his calculations were correct. His father would then tell him that
because of this, he would "turn out to be a good mathematician (transcript, 2)"

     Being an African American living in a time when blacks were not considered equal,
Stubblefield found ways to use the fact that he was black to his advantage. Dr. Bob
Richardson, a math professor at Appalachian State University, said that Stubble field
was a very smart man, and even helped him save money on his taxes. Stubblefield was
audited by the IRS and taken to court several times, and won every time (interview).