Introduction to Mathematics


     Though Stubblefield had several publications, the math that is going to be
discussed here are the ideas that come from his paper entitled Lower bounds
for odd perfect numbers (beyound the googol).
Stubblefield's purpose in this
paper is to "provide a newer method by which, when a natural number M is
given, we can either (a) find an odd perfect number less than M or (b) determine
that an odd perfect number less han M does not exist (lower,211). In this web
site, the ideas included in this paper are the major focus, rather then the paper
itself. Some of the ideas include perfect numbers, and prime factorization.
Through the research neccessary for this paper, Stubblefield added his name to
the list of many mathematicians that have contributed in trying to determine if
odd perfect numbers exist. As a result, Stubblefield found a new lower bound
for odd perfect numbers, 10^50.(lower, 211-222). Stubblefield today is still
interested in number theory and he continues to contribute his hard work (transcript).