Math in Hollywood

Author: Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald
  • Documentaries of Real Life Mathematicians
  • How Math/Mathematicians are Portrayed in Movies and T.V.
  • Documentaries of Real Life Mathematicians

    The Proof - A Nova video about Princeton University Professor Andrew Wiles and his solution of Fermat's Last Theorem. Available to Educators from PBS at ?
    Right before this, we'll see Star Trek - Next Generation Episode 38 - The Royale - where Captain Picard discusses Fermat's Last Theorem and the fact that it is still unsolved in the 23rd century!

    N is a Number - A documentary film about Paul Erdos. Can be ordered from MAA (800-331-1622) or from the producer George Paul Csicsery (510-428-9284). A Web page of Links about Paul Erdos

    Wavelets Making Waves in Math and Engineering - An American Mathematical Society video on Princeton University Professor Ingrid Daubechies' work, life and career. Available from AMS at 1-800-321-4AMS.

    Geri's Game (winner of 1998 Oscar for best animated short!) - A video which shows what wavelets are doing to cartoons! (Made by Pixar Animation Studios). Geri's Game is not commercialy available yet, but Pixar kindly donated a copy for use in our course.

    Sites containing famous mathematicians:

    The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive
    Women Mathematicians

    How Math/Mathematicians Are Portrayed in Hollywood

    Star Trek - Wolf in The Fold - Episode 36 (original airdate 12/22/67). We'll watch part of this episode where Spock uses the transcendence of Pi to chase an evil spirit out of a computer.

    math in The Simpsons
    Geometry Center Videos We'll watch The Shape of Space.
    The Math in the Movies Web page - A Guide to Major Motion Pictures with Scenes of Real Mathematics