WebCT Directions

  • Using an internet browser (can be off campus), log onto the class highlights web page http://www.cs.appstate.edu/~sjg/class/3130/maple/highlights.html for Differential Equations
    http://www.cs.appstate.edu/~sjg/class/3110/highlights.html for Modern Algebra
  • Click on the WebCT link
  • Log on using
    username - your e-mail username (firstinitial lastinitial some number ie sj23450)
    password - your student i.d. number (like social security number)

    No matter where you are, HOME on WebCT (not Netscape!!) will take you back to the main WebCT page

    Course Content for 3130 students only

  • Click on Course Content.
  • Click on the Content page that you wish to view (Wed March 29 in this case)
  • When you are finished reading a page, use the "pg fwd" button to proceed to the next page.

    Bulletin Board Directions

  • Click on Bulletin Board
  • Click on Forum (in the top left list of words)
  • Choose the desired Forum (bottom of screen) and click on it.
  • Show all will show you all the messages
  • Write a message via Compose (top left list) or Reply to a message you are reading
  • Send the message by Post
  • Update Listing to see your message posted.
  • Forum will give you the option of switching forums.

    Quiz and Test Directions

  • From the main WebCT page, click on online quizzes and surveys.
  • To take a quiz, click on the desired quiz on the far left. Remember to click on "ok" after it tells you how many minutes you will have, save after each question, and then only at the very end click on finish.
  • To look at a quiz that you have previously taken, click on the trial number (to the far right of the quiz) that you wish to view.