Spring 2000 Independent Study on the Geometry of Metrics on the Plane and Sphere, and Higher Dimensional Geometry


Beyond The Third Dimension, Geometry, Computer Graphics, and Higher Dimensions, by Thomas F. Banchoff
Circles, Disks and Spheres: Spaces of Constant Curvature, talk notes by Megan Kerr
Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces, by Manfredo DoCarmo
Preliminary Copy of Experiencing Geometry in Euclidean, Spherical and Hyperbolic Spaces, by David Henderson
Experiencing Geometry on Plane and Sphere, by David Henderson
Foundations of Hyperbolic Manifolds, by John Ratcliffe
The Geometric Viewpoint, A Survery of Geometries, by Thomas Sibley


  • Dr. Sarah's Geometry of our Earth and Universe
  • Homer 3-d
  • Homer 4-d
  • Area of a Triangle on a Sphere
  • Wile Coyote 1 on Spherical and Cylinder Geometry
  • Wile Coyote 2 on Axioms