Research - How do you generate knowledge in science and mathematics?

In your group, choose your top 2 or 3 favorite problems.

Dr. Sarah will give you additional resources. You may work in our classroom, the atrium or the library. Dr. Sarah will remain in the classroom to clarify the problems / instructions. No external sources or web searches allowed. Please do not use a web search, books, nor external resources, since the goal is for your group to attempt your problem without outside help and to reflect on your strategies. There is no need to solve the problem in the time alloted.

Be back in the classroom and ready to present by 2:50. Prepare to present:
  1. Did your group use paper, manipulatives, pictures, typing on a computer, or some combination?
  2. What general strategies did you try? Ie did you look at examples and then try and look for patterns, dive right in and attack the problem head on, plot out a strategy and division of the work, etc. Why did you choose your particular strategies?
  3. How did you communicate and work with your partner - did you work alone and then explain to each other what you had done, or work collaboratively, or some of each? Did you split up portions of the problem?
  4. Did you enjoy working on your problem? If so, what was enjoyable. If not, what would have made it more enjoyable?