General Education Proposal: UCO 1200 First Year Seminar (3). F,S. The first-year seminar engages students and faculty in a shared process of inquiry around a broad, interdisciplinary topic or question. Utilizing at least two different modes of inquiry, as well as varied and engaging pedagogies, this seminar aims to help students develop their abilities to think critically and communicate effectively. It also aims to help students make connections with faculty, peers, the university, and the curriculum. Required of all freshmen not taking Honors 1515.

Our Syllabus

Discuss the following:
Involve students in problem-based learning with a research component ... a library component and academic integrity
Include an element of "how to do college" [including] explicit support/expectations for how to meet level of challenge and include exposure to appropriate campus resources
Help students understand the purpose of college and general education

Thinking Critically & Creatively
A. Recognize, differentiate, and effectively employ appropriate and increasingly sophisticated strategies to collect and interpret information;
B. Successfully integrate disparate concepts and information when interpreting, solving problems, evaluating, creating, and making decisions;
C. Examine and evaluate how their own personal, historical, and cultural perspectives affect the discovery and generation of knowledge;
E. Apply theories from a variety of disciplines and advance convincing reasons to connect as well as differentiate theories from different domains of knowledge.