Do you think the study of synchronization is worth the costs?
a) strongly agree
b) agree
c) disagree
d) strongly disagree

Did you find the SYNC article interesting?
a) yes
b) no

Have you ever noticed synchronization in your life?
a) yes
b) no

Do you think that synchronicity is:
a) biologically innate
b) biologically learned
c) psychologically innate
d) psychologically learned

According to the article, what causes SYNC in fireflies?
a) coincidence
b) peculiar atmospheric conditions
c) a maestro firefly
d) internal oscillator that adjusts automatically in response to others leads to synching under certain conditions
e) there is no synching - it is a trick of our eyes

Do you think that synchronizing women's menstrual cycles results in healthier offspring in the long run?
a) yes
b) no