1. Is Information Technology a Threat to Privacy?
    a) Yes
    b) No

  2. Which author did you find most credible?
    a) They were equally credible
    b) YES: Amitai Etzioni
    c) NO: Stuart Taylor, Jr.

  3. An actress sues Amazon for revealing her age on IMDb and ignoring her request to remove her age. Should she have the right to remove her age?
    a) Strongly agree she has the right
    b) Agree she has the right
    c) Disagree that she has the right
    d) Strongly disagree that she has the right

  4. There are proposals to attempt to eliminate anonymity from the internet - posters (in a number of contexts) would be required to use their real names and faces (and ages in some places) in order to reduce vicious comments, sexual predators,...
    a) I strongly believe that anonymity should be preserved
    b) I believe that anonymity should be preserved
    c) I believe that some type of pseudonymity should be implemented
    d) I believe that full disclosure should be implemented in at least certain contexts
    e) I believe that anonymity should be eliminated wherever possible

  5. "In a New York case a judge had ordered Google to turn over information about an anonymous blogger who had made nasty comments about fashion model Liksula Cohen. The order led to information that revealed the blogger to be Rosemary Port, another woman with ties to the fashion industry. Port then filed a lawsuit against Google for failing to protect her identity."
    a) I believe that bloggers should always be able to remain anonymous
    b) I believe that the identity of bloggers should be revealed in some cases, such as libelous statements
    c) I believe that bloggers should be required to use their real name

  6. "Your web browsing, past, present, and future, is now associated with your identity. Many Web sites are sending personal information such as user name or email address about their users to third parties, even if you do something as simple as sign up for a newsletter or change your settings" [even when they say they do not share information]
    a) I believe that my identity and browsing history should always be kept private
    b) I believe that web sites who share my information without notifying me should be held accountable
    c) I do not mind if my information is shared, as long as I am properly notified