Opening Sketchpad in the 205 Computer Lab

  • Sketchpad can be found all over campus computers. In 205, the computer should already be on - type something on the keyboard to see if it is on. If not, turn on the computer by pressing down the Power Button on the back of the right side of the computer:      
  • Once the computer starts up, click on the Sketchpad icon from the dock. This icon looks like a yellow circle with a red triangle and blue circle inside of it (the bottom icon in the the picture shown on the right).
  • Once Sketchpad has loaded, you can use with the tools you see below:

    Sketchpad Tools

    Arrowhead Tool (selects, deselects and drags objects - to select more than one object at a time, just click the objects in succession.)      
    Point Tool              
    Compass Tool          
    Straight Edge      
    Alphabet Tool (to label objects - small letters are lines, and capital letters are points )      
    Script View Tool (custom tools such as creating regular polygons)      

    To open the tools or pre-made sketches that come with Sketchpad 4

  • Under File, release on Open.
  • Go to the Desktop
  • Go to 205Math(yourcomputersnumber) (ie 205Math30)
  • Go to Applications
  • Go to Sketchpad
  •           If you want a tool such as one to create regular polygons, go into the Tool folder and find it.
  •           If you want a pre-made sketch, go into the Samples folder. The Sketches subfolder has many interesting sketches. The Teaching Mathematics subfolder is also nice.

  • When lab is over, under File, release on quit in order to close Sketchpad.

    Using Campus Pipeline to Enter WebCT

    From the main web page, click on the campus pipeline link.
  • Login using your appstate e-mail address (example sg23014) as your Login Name. Your social security number is your Password if you have never used the system before. Otherwise, enter in the password that you have previously used on this system. Then click on ok. I can give you your appstate e-mail address. If you still can't get in, you'll need to contact 828-262-6266 for help sometime during the week (M-F 9-5) so that tech support can reset your password for you.
  • Click on the School Services Tab at the top of the page.
  • Just under Course Resources click on the link for this course.
  • You will see Dr. Sarah's 3610 WebCT - You have now entered WebCT
    Bulletin Board Use in WebCT Click on the Bulletin Board Link

    Composing a Message
  • Click on Compose Message
  • Under Topic, choose yourname and Dr. Sarah. This is a forum created with just the two of us. There are other choices for posting a message, which will go to the entire class.

    For WebCT postings, make sure that your message is always PROFESSIONAL AND RESPECTFUL, as I will sometimes reply to your messages by forwarding them to the ENTIRE CLASS. If you want to communicate with me about something that is personal, you should do that in person - after class, in office hours or by appointment.