• Which of the following are correct interpretations of open in this topology course?
    a) A set U in a metric space is open if for every x in U there exists epsilon>0 so that B(x,epsilon) is contained in U.
    b) (a,b) is always open
    c) A set is open if it is in the topology Tau
    d) a) and b)
    e) a) and c)

  • Which of the following collections of sets are in every topology? 1. finite unions
    2. finite intersections
    3. arbitrary unions
    4. arbitrary intersections
    a) 1. and 4.
    b) 2. and 3.
    c) 1. 2. and 3.
    d) 1. 2. and 4.
    e) 2. 3. and 4.

  • Given a collection of sets, how do we generate the smallest topology containing the sets?
    a) Take finite unions and arbitrary intersections and add those to the collection
    b) If necessary, add X to the collection
    c) Both of the above
    d) Other

  • In linear algebra, a basis is:
    a) An efficient way to represent a vector space
    b) A maximum linearly independent set
    c) A minimum spanning set
    d) All of the above
    e) Other