Professional Associations and Ethics and Responsibilities of Community Membership HW

  1. There are 3 readings on ASULearn. As you read, list (to turn in-informal handwritten bullet points are fine) all the ethical issues you see.
    Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society: Professional Associations by Christopher J. Stapel
    Selections from Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society: Ethics by Michael Green
    Mathematics and Ethics, Hersh, R. The Mathematical Intelligencer, 1990 12(3), pp. 13-15.
  2. Next, for each of the readings, name at least one aspect from the reading that surprised you, that you found interesting, disagreed with, or had a question on (so you will have at least three items total - one from each reading. Like the first part, this can be informal and hand written or typed, whatever you prefer).
  3. Research one of the professional associations mentioned in the articles and LaTeX some aspect you found interesting along with a bibliographic reference for the website of the organization and a publication by them. Print and turn in your LaTeX'ed document (LaTex it more than once to get the citations working). A LaTeX template: LaTeX code and the pdf version (LaTeX software.)
  4. Bring your i-clicker to class.