Critical and Theoretical Approaches (used in studying gender and popular culture

arts based approach (including music, plays...)
black feminist thought
content analysis
empiricism (derived from sense experience)
feminist criminology
feminist theories and reanalyze research from a feminist view point
gender performativity
human interests based on gender
including perspectives of those who have previously been left out, such as women, and the related standpoint epistemology: research from point of view of person doing the research
immerse in a culture and then report on it (playboy bunny)
literature review
postmodern theory (scrutinizes modernism, no universal truth...)
post structural theory (readers culture... as important in interpretation as author)
quantitative methods: survey and statistics, Likert scale
qualitative methods: interviews and observational research
queer theory
social media approach
social construction of gender
theories of masculinity
transgender theory
waves of feminism
who produces popular culture


What do some of the theoretical approaches mean?
Is there a connection between the Black Lives Matter movement and the feminist movement?
Should we have labels for gender and sexuality or not?
How do we combat the development of false stereotypes, learned traits...?
Is 4th wave feminism more about ecological justice and less about gender equality? If so, how is this technically feminism?
What is the difference between popular and media culture?
Is there a 4th wave or any wave?
How do we decide a popular culture text is feminist?

Disagreed With

Representation issues: We should get away from the huge focus on binaries and include better and more diverse examples representative of class, race, gender...
"feminist standpoint" is actually many standpoints that are in flux
cisgender individuals are the ones being rewarded for depicting trans lives
more women in media does not necessarily mean more feminist representations