Tape up your work or write your topic on the board near where you will be if you have a laptop or similar you'll place on a surface. During your session, you must stand by your project, to present your project to classmates and answer their questions. During the other session, you will talk to others about their research and fill out peer review.

Peer Review: The depth of peer review is more important than getting to everyone who is not in your research session, but regardless, you should spend the entire research session engaging in presentations, discussions and reflections. Informal bullet points are fine here.
  1. Name of the person and the topic of the representation.
  2. Were you already familiar with the representation?
    [2 = definitely, 1 = somewhat, 0 = no]
  3. Were the gender aspects of the representation clearly described so that someone who is not already familiar will understand.
    [2 = definitely, 1 = could use some improvement, 0 = major improvement needed here]
  4. Were critical or theoretical approaches employed successfully via an in depth analysis?
    [2 = definitely, 1 = could use some improvement, 0 = major improvement needed here]
  5. Name the critical or theoretical approaches used.
  6. How much time and effort does it look like they put into their work, as compared to your own effort?
    [2 = more than me, 1 = about the same as me, 0 = less than me]
  7. Give suggestions for improvement on the project.
  8. List a few strengths of the project.
  9. What did you learn?
  10. What is your favorite part of their project?
  11. Name a part of the project that connects to you, if applicable.
  12. Invent a question about the project. List the question and the person's answer.

Self Evaluation: Answer the following after you have presented your project a number of times.
  1. Your name and topic
  2. What would you have improved about your project?
  3. What did you feel went well?