1. Write the name of the person you choose for #1 up on the board. If the name is already up there, put a check mark next to them.

  2. Which best describes what your response to #2 on the homework related to?
    1. traditional masculinity
    2. new man as nurturer
    3. new man as metrosexual
    4. new lad
    5. other

  3. Which LG 1 summary most interested you?
    1. David Beckham as metrosexual
    2. Calvin Klein ad and the `hard-soft' look
    3. John McClane in Die Hard or Jack Bauer in 24 containing what the authors referred to as traditional masculinity aspects
    4. The contrast of bad boy Daniel Cleaver and good boy Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones's Diary
    5. other

  4. Which best describes your feelings on gender norms?
    1. Let's create a world where there is no gender
    2. Let's create a world with a wide variety of genders and gendered expressions, all of which are seen as equally true, and equally acceptable
    3. Let's retain binary gender (male and female), but broaden the definitions of what those binaries mean to be much more inclusive of diversity of expressions
    4. Let's leave gender norms as they exist today
    5. other

  5. If you were to think of an attraction or crush you have had on a character in popular culture or person in the media which best describes them?
    1. "good" or "nice" person (guy, girl/woman, or genderqueer non-binary (gqnb))
    2. "bad" or similar
    3. can't think of one
    4. other