1. Which best describes your ideas what to do about degrading representations in popular culture (like misogynistic lyrics in a song that you enjoy listening to)?
    1. I don't see a personal contradiction in enjoying them, and will continue
    2. I'll continue to enjoy them but hope for a better future
    3. I'll continue to enjoy them and will discuss the problems I see with those around me, privately
    4. I'll post something publicly on social media, write the songwriter a letter or similar
    5. I'll boycott them or similar

  2. If you are familiar with Frozen, which best describes your reaction to analyzing it from a feminist perspective? (Otherwise don't respond)
    1. it is a feminist film
    2. it is subversive of some stereotypes, but I wouldn't call it a feminist film
    3. the film passes the Bechdel test
    4. other

  3. Which is not a threshold concept in GWS?
    1. intersectionality
    2. male bashing
    3. privilege and oppression
    4. social construction of gender
    5. more than one of the above