1. Which example(s) had you listed related to power and oppression?
    1. PSY is fanned
    2. PSY is impervious to the snow/trash, explosions...
    3. who is "riding" who, or trotting towards who, or dancing in front, or up top
    4. psy biting at or reaching out (see below), screaming at the buttocks, or similar
    5. other

  2. What do you think the average consumer most gets out of this video?
    1. fun horse riding dance and/or catchy tune
    2. parady of K-pop
    3. commentary on class and wealth
    4. commentary on gender and sexuality
    5. other

  3. Which best describes what trope you had listed?
    1. animal motifs
    2. stealth parody or affectionate parody
    3. conspicuous consumption/nouveau riche
    4. the cameo
    5. other

    Is "Gangnam Style" a hit in part due to the "comedic Asian male" trope: buffoonish, desexualized, and emasculated?