1. Which best describes your reaction to the chalking policy from last Wednesday
    Permission to chalk is limited to recognized student organizations and University departments for the purpose of promoting events or programs that occur at Appalachian State University or in the Boone community with a specific date, time, and location. The name of the recognized student organization or University department must appear within all chalk messages...
    1. I agree with it
    2. I somewhat agree with it
    3. I disagree with it
    4. other

  2. Did your parent(s) or guardian, the main person(s) that raised you, ever box you in or out as related to gender roles?
    1. yes
    2. somewhat
    3. no
    4. other

  3. Are your parent(s) or guardian in professions (including homemaker) that stereotypically conform to their gender?
    1. yes
    2. somewhat
    3. no
    4. other

  4. Are you familiar with WWE (what is called professional wrestling)
    1. yes I have watched a match
    2. yes but I haven't watched a match
    3. not really, but I've heard of it
    4. not at all
    5. other

  5. When you think of mother nature, which best describes your vision:
    1. mother nature needs taming
    2. mother nature is angry and vengeful
    3. mother nature is our wounded victim; we must heal her who has given us life
    4. mother nature is our sweet mother, she loves us and we her
    5. other

  6. Which ad face is most you from the hw, since Discover asks you to "find yourself here"?
    1. Mayan or Aztec sun mask, or wild cat
    2. Aboriginal man
    3. Native American man
    4. jet pilot in a helmet and breathing apparatus
    5. woman in an obscuring headdress

  7. Scientists need to back up their opinions with research and data that survive the peer-review process. The preponderance of current published evidence points toward human contributions to global climate change. That consensus position is also the position of the Academies of Science from 80 countries around the world. Do you agree or disagree with the consensus position?
    1. I strongly agree that humans are causing climate change
    2. I agree that humans are causing climate change
    3. I disagree that humans are causing climate change
    4. I strongly disagree that humans are causing climate change
    5. other