Write up your response to #2 on the board (Example: Drew Reeves Dead of Summer)

  1. The authors of "Beyond the Two-Gender System: Queer Theory" discussed Glee: "Glee is remarkable for its sensitive and nuanced investigation of this character [Coach Beiste]." Which best describes your reaction?
    1. I'm not familiar with Glee/Coach Beiste.
    2. I agree with the authors.
    3. I somewhat agree with the authors.
    4. I disagree with the authors.
    5. Where is Unique?

  2. Should cisgender actors be cast in gqnb roles such as transgender, genderfluid or androgynous roles? Which best describes your reaction?
    1. Choose the best actor for the job, regardless of their gender expression.
    2. It is ok if a ciswoman or a transwoman or ...woman plays a gqnb woman--what is important is that women are playing women. More generally, hire only an actor whose gender identity matches in this sense.
    3. Only a gqnb actor should play a gqnb role.
    4. Make a good faith effort to hire marginalized or underrepresented populations into the role, favoring them when possible.
    5. other

  3. Have you watched any of Amazon's Transparent, Freeform's Dead of Summer or Netflix's Orange Is the New Black?
    1. yes, all three
    2. yes, two of the three
    3. yes, one of the three
    4. no
    5. other

  4. What do you think about using Auteurs, Forms, and Reception (as described in "Queer Representation in Film and Television") as a critical approach to gqnb in popular culture?
    1. I like them
    2. These are good perspectives, but I can think of others too
    3. I'd prefer others
    4. other

    The Vito Russo Test
    Role models and gender schema during the gender and professions in popular culture.