Submitting Maple Files onto Dr. Sarah's Computer from 203

  • From the apple (top left of the screen), go to the chooser.
  • Click on the AppleShare icon
  • Connect to my computer by cliking on it (on the right side) and then hitting OK.
  • Type in the NAME and PASSWORD that I tell you in class.
  • Open the SHARED FOLDER which will appear on the Desktop
  • Open the 3130 Folder
  • In the 3130 folder, I have created a folder for each of you to drop things into. This will ensure that no one overwrites anyone else's file. Try to open YOUR folder. I have made it impossible for anyone to open the folder in order to protect everyone from cheating.
  • From the Public Folder on the desktop, drag a maple demo into YOUR folder - to do this pull it until it sits ontop of YOUR folder (which will highlight) and then release.
  • Drag the Shared Folder to the trash when you are finished