Dr. Sarah's Comments and Peer Review for Chris and Gabriel's Number 6

Dr. Sarah's Comments


Peer Review

Confused about Maple commands but they were explained in comments.
At times was a little confused at the explanation (no specific - just in general) but if had to choose, mainly in part "d"
Good job, very clear and easy to understand what they did. Good presenatation; explained it very well.
good job, presenatation a little lengthy, but worksheet easy to understand.
cool graph, good
Lots of work. Good notes in Maple. Discussion a little hard to follow.
Good Job! - you can tell it took a lot of time - I got a little confused towards the end (part d).
good job although quite; lost train of thought in presentation
Cool graph, problem was unclear when presented, good use of limit functions, they had (or seemed to have a harder problem) so have mercy.
Hard to follow, but very good maple text and work.
lengthy and difficult to understand
I'm glad they had this problem - whew! Good job.
Very good all the way around. Very concise and very easy to understand. Maple project was VERY well documented.
thorough, great job, cool graph, a little too much explanation to make it sort of confusing
They seemed very aware of what Maple was doing and knew what they were talking about - very good job!
Did a very good job. Did things very precise.
A little confusing, but was explained well.
good job, makes sense.
Complicated! They did a lot of work, and it looks good!
Hard to follow at begining, easier to understand in the end.