Dr. Sarah's Comments and Peer Review for Anthony and Jon T's B2

Dr. Sarah's Comments

The last plots are incorrect - plot(.1,c*.1) means that x is set to .1. The plot should read plot(x,c*.1).

We could have figured out that these are incorrect since these horixontal plots do not match up with the initial plot of an increasing set of lines. See the other B2...

Peer Review

Good explanation
Not bad
Good job, but confused on what the problem was (background info if any)
good job
good job, explained it well
looks good
Why are all solution lines horizontal? What did they end up plotting? Good discussion
Good job - spoke clearly and concise
They had good presentations of their problem
Good presentation, nice graphing
great job - thanks for going first - speak up
plot is very good. Once the evaluation of x part came up though, I got lost and didn't understand their explanation or syntax. I don't understand the grpahs of these evaluations. They don't seem to be at all relevant
very clear and precise. wonderful
These guys did a good job. They were very clear and concise.
They did very well and everything seemed right.
Good job on sheet and presentation
Need more comments on Maple
This is good, but the syntax in it was slightly confusing at first. I think f should be a functio of x and c when you used unapply. You might explain what your graph means.
Looks complicated but it looks good.
Good team work, explained new concepts of Maple fairly well - specifically the .1*c part