Dr. Sarah's Comments and Peer Review for Keith and Sarah's Number 2

Dr. Sarah's Comments

Good, but should reconcile the 2 plots (one looks like a set of increasing straight lines, while the other looks like a plot where some of the solutions decrease and then increase. Notice that these plots do not contradict each other - the first is a zoomed in version of the second.

Peer Review

Good, but which graph is right?
Thought it was good to try by hand, but Anthony's and John T's way of manipulation for calculations was a bit better
Impressed that they checked by hand-good job, but confused on the last graph
They did a good job, but their answers are different than Jon T and Anthony.
Good job, well organized presentation and worksheet
Looks good, but I don't really know what is going on.
Different solution for part c? What's this plot? Now I'm really confused
Good job with the math! The trouble manipulating Maple is understandable!
Good presentation
Good idea to also try to solve by hand. Final graph looks better than other groups apart from who is correct.
Good by hand work. Good job on the maple that they did right.
Why did it differ from John and Anthony?
Liked the fact they started by hand, speak up, it's hard to go over something right after someone else goes over it.
Very good maple presentation. I thought the presentation was easier to un derstand then the other problem #2. I still don't understand the evaluation of different x values and the graph.
Kind of foggy as to if you were clear on how to do this. o.k.
They also did good, although much of their calculations seemed to be erroneous.
They also did well on #2, but their maple work was a little different.
Good worksheet, nice touch working by hand
Too quiet to hear. All presentations went too fast
Good comments on Maple
You might want to check spelling. You might want to put into text that you solved by first order linear.
Still looks complicated, but it was good.