Review Comments for Number 16

Dr. Sarah's Comments

See lab manual for the question

Data could all happen to fit the d.e. model with 3 unknowns, but that would be very unusual, so it is not that you need 5 unknowns, but that you don't expect your other data to exactly fit model.

Good otherwise!

Peer Review Comments

nice closure to the problem, breakdown of solution was easy to follow
good job! Handled it well!
Good job, well organized, interesting thing about Nevada
Worksheet a little unclear; need to know what the question was. Presentation good - explained problem well. Good interpretatin of the graph.
This sounds like a really hard project. I think they worked hard on this.
good comments, good job, knew problem well
good comments on worksheet, good understanding of problem, very good background on problem
nice worksheet! Excellent presentation. You can tell these girls worked hard!
Show data in text comments that the problem gave you. Good job.
good job
nice job explaining why the values don't match up (ie # unknowns)
Good job
really good
great job, great explanation
Good explanation of an interesting problem
very good presentation, handled questions very well
problem was written on board, but not in text comments. Good explanation of differences between known data and results from DE.
What/where do you know you need the 5 unknowns instead of 3 and where do they come from? Great job.