Dr. Sarah's Paper Checklist for Math 3110
Based on a checklist by Annalisa Crannell at Franklin & Marshall

This list will be used to grade your assignment.
Does this paper:

Part 1 - Life and Work

  • discuss ideas in your own words?
  • clearly summarize the mathematician's life?
  • clearly summarize the mathematician's work?
  • attempt to explain any contradictions that arose in the references?

    Part 2 - Mathematics

  • discuss the mathematics in your own words?
  • clearly state the mathematics to be discussed?
  • define all variables, terminology, and notation used?
  • give simple examples?
  • contain correct mathematics?
  • give evidence of deep mathematical exploration?


  • contain an introduction?
  • flow smoothly?
  • contain a conclusion?
  • use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation?
  • give acknowledgment where it is due?
  • give evidence of creative writing?


  • contain a diverse collection of references from different sources?
  • contain a list of useful web references?
  • contain a critique of the references in your own words?