Linear Algebra Spans the Sciences

Let me walk you through the Vector Space of Science as we travel along the the vector of Linear Algebra. Together we will explore the components of linear Algebra as applied to problems in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Sociology. We will not discuss the linearly dependent vectors of mathematical sciences, as there are infinitely many applications.

If you are intrigued by this invitation, then you'll enjoy seeing how I can write a linear combination for two distinct molecules and determine their respective molecular weights, as an application in Chemistry. You'll appreciate how a matrix simplifies genotype/phenotype information from genetic analysis in the subspace of Biology. Following along the Linear Algebra vector through Physics, I'll apply Gauss-Jordan Elimination to predict a new aircraft's top speed. Finally, our vector will terminate in the Subspace of Sociology, where I'll utilize a stochastic matrix to predict college student's change of major behavior over the long-term.

By spanning the sciences with Linear Algebra, I hope to inspire educators and life- long learners to rotate their approach to Science around the vector of Linear Algebra.


  • Chemistry The Central Science by: Brownand and Lemay, Jr.
  • An Introduction to Genetic Analysis Fourth Edition by: Lavett
  • Mathematics with Applications Seventh Edition by: Lial-Hungerford
  • Elementary Linear Algebra Fifth Edition by: Larson/Edwards/Falvo