Interesting enough, most fans do not know that math plays an important part of one of the most popular sports today, Football. Math is used for calculating percentages, ratings, and most important to players, salary caps. But the most popular way that the NFL uses math is calculating the quarterbacks rating.

            We will use Linear Algebra to solve for Quarterback passing rating. Given: Rating= a + b (%COMP) + c(%TD) + d(%INT) + e(%YDS/ATT), will a,b,c,d,e give us a useful rating? To do this, we will use Gauss-Jordan to reduce an Augmented Matrix, solve for, a,b,c,d,e , and recalculate the rating and from there we will see if a,b,c,d,e are appropriate constants to find a NFL Quarterback passing rating.

            This is very important to the NFL since it highlights the most prominent players. The league needs these calculations to show who it the most prominent quarterback, this way money can be made by promoting the quarterbacks with the highest rating through merchandise sales and game ticket sales. If a particular team has a dominate quarterback, fans will travel to see him increasing there sales. Thus showing that by finding a quarterbacks rating, it is a vital part of the NFL promoting there most prominent and popular players and this increases revenue for the entire league.




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