Rating the Passing Ability of Quarterbacks; How Does the NFL Do It? by Natalie Willis

Most football fans have no idea that math plays a significant role in the NFL. Every week fans sit and watch games, either in person or at home on television. When statistics pop up about the quarterback, fans do not know how these numbers come about. The NFL quarterback passing rate is very important. The higher the rating is, the better the quarterback will be. Fans will want to go and watch these quarterbacks with the higher ratings. This will in effect raise the salary of the player and boost up the revenue for that particular organization. Linear Algebra is involved in computing the quarterback rating. The formula for the rating equals a+b(%COMP)+c(%TD)+d(%INT)+e(YDS/ATT). Is this a beneficial rating? To see if this is beneficial we will have to use an augmented matrix and some reducing. Come see for yourself how this turns out.


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