Linear Algebra as it relates to Computer Theory

Computer theory involves the building of machines that can be used to generate languages made up of alphabets. An Alphabet in computer theory terms is a few characters that can be used to make up a string. A language is certain way that these character are put together. When programming a machine to calculate wheater or not a certain string is in a language, this is where Linear Algebra comes into play.

When programming these machines we use a matrix to represent the transitions between states of the machine. So down the left side of the matrix each row represents a state, and each column represents a character that could be read in from the string. The value of the matrix entry corresponds to which state you will travel to when you are at the state in the row, and read the character of the column. Once you reach the end of your string, if you are currently at an accept state then your string is in the language. If you are not in an accept state you are not in the language.

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John Helfert