Suppose we have collected enough data to justify the following assumptions about the population:

(1) Each year 6% of the urban population moves to rural areas and the remaining 94% stay in urban areas.
(2) Each year 9% of the rural population moves to urban areas and the remaining 91% stay in rural areas.
Assume that the state vector at year k is _rtable[137008812] where u[k] is the urban population and r[k] is the rural population.

The matrix representing this system is:
(a) Matrix([[.06, .94],[.09, .91]])
(b) Matrix([[.06, .09],[.94, .91]])
(c) Matrix([[.06, .94],[.09, .91]])
(d) Matrix([[.94, .09],[.06, .91]])
(e) Matrix([[.94, .91],[.09, .06]])