Dr. Sarah's Linear Algebra Commands for Maple for Chapter 2

> restart: with(linalg):

Warning, new definition for norm

Warning, new definition for trace

Maple can find the inverse of a matrix a lot quicker than we can by hand! We did p. 77 number 10 via the Gauss-Jordan method. Now let's do it on Maple:

> A:=matrix([[1,2,2],[3,7,9],[-1,-4,-7]]):

> B:=inverse(A);

[Maple Math]

Check your notes to see that this is the same answer that we got in class via the Gauss-Jordan method of finding an inverse.

To find the product of two matrices (for Maple 6 users, all of these commands are different!), first we define the matrices, and then use Maple's commands to multiply.

Let's check that A and B from above are really inverses of each other:

> evalm(A&*B); evalm(B&*A);

[Maple Math]

[Maple Math]

So, they are inverses.