A note on the different versions of Maple

There are four different versions of Maple around campus in various places.

Do NOT use Maple 5
Maple 5, whose icon in 205 resembles a Maple leaf with the integral of x inside, always sits on the Dock but this version of Maple is too old to suite all of our needs.

Do use Maple 7, 8, 9, or 9.5 Maple 7, 8, 9, or 9.5 will all work just fine for this course. Since Maple 7 is the only version that is located on all of the servers on campus, this is the version we will use in class. The icon for Maple 7 is a red Maple leaf with the number 7 inside of it . Files from Maple 7 end in a .mws extension, and they can be opened in all of the higher versions of Maple.

Printing on campus if you use a later version of Maple at home If you work in a later version of Maple and do not have a printer, you must be a little creative since Maple 7 will not open files from later versions. The 205 lab does have Maple 9 installed locally, and some of the PC's on campus have Maple 8. A perhaps safer option is to export your work into html or Maple text (File, Export...) or copy and paste your work into Word from your home computer. Dr. Sarah has the newest version on her office computer, so hopefully most files will open on Dr. Sarah's computer.