1. "Sell" your stock:
  2. On the front board, mark off whether you gained or lossed money by adding them to the relevant gain/loss columns.
  3. The average participation grade from last semester was 16/20, which is what is listed on the ASULearn grades. A perfect 20/20 means perfect attendance, turning in the non-graded homework, being prepared for class, actively participating in class discussions and activities, and taking at least one try of each ASULearn quiz. Use the syllabus to give yourself a participation grade out of 20.
  4. Message your self-evaluation on participation to Dr. Sarah on ASULearn along with feedback on group work effectiveness [if you feel you deserve the same grades as your partners, just say so. If not, please explain why you deserve a higher or lower grade and specify which project(s) this relates to and the name(s) of your partner(s).]
  5. Write down (to turn in) something you found interesting, disagreed with, or had a question on in each of the 4 readings referred to in Project 6
    1. Adding up Fuzzy Math: Teaching the Basics
    2. Quantitative Literacy
    3. Creative Inquiry Lessons for Life
    4. What is Mathematics Quotations and Readings [on ASULearn] ]
    So you will have 4 items total. Turn these in.