Extra Credit Grades Assignment

Your name__________________________________ Circle one as your class time 9:30 or 11:00. You will use information from WebCT and the grading policy from the syllabus to calculate the grade that you need on the final exam in order to obtain your desired course grade. This will be turned in just BEFORE you take the final exam.
Participation Average 20%
  • quiz 1________ quiz 2________ quiz 3________ quiz 4________ quiz 5________ quiz 6________ quiz 7________ quiz 8________ From the main WebCt page, click on the "grades and tracking info" link. Click on "grades". Write down the above quiz grades Cross out the lowest quiz grade, since the lowest quiz is dropped.
  • Calculate your quiz average with the remaining 7 quizzes_________
    Adjust this up or down depending on credit hours of absences, and participation via positive contributions to class discussions, lab, and by reading my newsgroup messages and give yourself a
  • participation average out of 100________
    4 Major writing assignments 20%
  • Write down your Benpaper/25______ Statsreport/25______ Wksht/50______ geomreport/25______
  • Calculate your percentages out of 100 Benpaper______ Statsreport______ Wksht______ geomreport______ and then calculate
    writing project grade as a grade out of 100______ (they are all equally weighted).
    Weekly lab projects average 20%
  • Write down all of your lab project grades from WebCT. Wile/25 _____ Ben/25 _____ condo/30_____ tax/25_____ stock/25______ mean/25_____ bungee/25_____ stats/25_____ Wiles/25_____ geom/25_____ dodge/25_____ homer/25_____ homer2/25_____ universe/25_____ review/25_____
  • Now turn these grades into a percentage out of 100 Wile_____ Ben_____ condo_____ tax_____ stock______ mean_____ bungee_____ stats_____ Wiles_____ geom_____ dodge_____ homer_____ homer2_____ universe_____ review_____ Now cross out the lowest lab (just one!), and then take an average of the labs that remain.
  • lab average out of 100_____________
    Major topic exams, presentations, and/or papers average 20%
  • Test 1 Grade out of 61_______ Percentage out of 100________
  • Test 2 Grade out of 69_______ Percentage out of 100________
  • Mathematician Grade out of 40_______ Percentage out of 100________
  • test average out of 100_______ (the average of the 3).
    Your class score out of 500 at the moment
  • Add up your participation average out of 100, your writing project grade as a percentage out of 100, your lab average out of 100, and your exam percentage out of 100 to obtain your
  • class score out of 500 as of now______
    Desired Class Grade and What You Need on the Final to Obtain This Grade
  • Circle the score you need out of 500 to obtain your desired class grade:
    A 465      A- 450      B+ 435      B 420      B- 400      C+ 385      C 370      C- 350      D 330
  • Subtract your class score out of 500 as of now FROM the above to see what you need on the final______
  • Of course this is not completely precise, since things like improvement over the course of the semester, my actual participation grade for you and extra credit will change the grading process.