Survey Assignment

From the main web page, click on the lab 1 link, and then click on the survey assignment link. On the top left of your web browser's screen, under Edit, release on Select All, then under Edit, release on Copy. Paste the questions into your word processor and then answer the following questions. Note: grammar and spelling are important. When you are finished, follow the directions back on lab 1 in order to paste your work into a WebCT bulletin board posting.
  1. You are probably taking this course because you have to, as part of a general education requirement. What skills central to your intellectual development do you think society expects you to take away from a college level mathematics course such as Math 1010?

  2. What is mathematics?

  3. Name a mathematical experience that you had that was rewarding for you.

  4. Think back to the first mathematical experience that you had that was destructive to your mathematical self-confidence. (We have all had such experiences - even Dr. Sarah!) Describe.

  5. In the last question, you explored a negative mathematical experience. If you could rewrite your role in that experience in order to prevent it from being destructive to your mathematical self-confidence what would you change about your behavior?